Industry Investigations and Forensic Audits

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Forensic audits are not just limited to legal matters. Suspicion of fraud, regulatory compliance, and due diligence, are all instances where forensic analysis can be utilized.

  • Fraud Investigations and Forensic Audits
    • Damages from fraud can be devastating to business. They can be far reaching and management may be held culpable or even negligent.  Quick reaction to any indications of fraud utilizing a certified expert investigator/auditor is imperative and in the best interests of all parties affected.  In most cases, much of the investigative work can be accomplished utilizing off-site procedures that allow for the most effective results when the perpetrators are confronted.
    • I have broad experience handling fraud investigations/audits in a number of areas including Native American operations (Tribal Operations, Gaming, and Housing), Investments (Ponzi schemes, brokerage overcharges, family trusts, hotel operations), Construction, Banking (loan servicing, officers and creditors), and Oil & Gas services.  In all cases, the analyses were completed quickly and with a minimum disruption to operations.
  • Due Diligence
    • When buying or selling businesses, investments and loan portfolios, etc., proper due diligence from an experienced professional can make the difference between success or loss.  It is not only important to value assets and liabilities, a “read” on the current operations and personnel hold immense importance.   The ability to analyze both can only occur when the consultant can draw from a broad base of financial and operative experiences.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • In depth experience, analysis and knowledge can make all the difference in the ability to explain complex issues in a way that will lead to the most beneficial solutions for the client. I have experience in resolving disputes with a number of regulatory agencies:
  • Federal regulatory authorities including SEC, FBI, FDIC, & FINRA
  • State regulatory authorities including Oklahoma Accountancy Board, Oklahoma Banking Board
  • Taxing authorities including IRS, state and municipal taxing authorities