Corporate/Partnership/Individual & Forensic Taxation

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Problems with Federal and State income tax, payroll tax, and municipal tax can quickly become a source of frustration as well as a diversion of time, talent and money.  With both a broad experience base in financial operations, tax, and a proven record of successful negotiations with taxing authorities, I can analyze the problems, drastically reduce the stress, and potential financial burden that these situations can present.  The forensic tax situations that I have extensive experience in handling include:

  • Delinquent returns and the non-filing for previous year(s) where books may have to be reconstructed and optimal positions established to minimize the tax and related penalties and interests
  • IRS or State problem resolution especially when there are complex tax accounting issues involved which need to be understood thoroughly and effectively communicated to the taxing authority personnel
  • Penalties assessed where alternative avenues may need to be utilized such as Tax Advocacy or Congressional intervention to resolve unreasonable stances or actions taken by the taxing authority
  • Errors by external preparers and subsequent legal actions for negligence
  • Special tax reporting situations that arise due to:
    • “Ponzi” schemes
    • Fraud
    • Construction completion reporting and 1031 exchanges